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Feeling Lost?

Stalled? Disconnected?


During your years of motherhood and marriage, have you slowly lost track of the woman you used to be?

You’ve been so busy meeting everyone else’s needs that you've stopped meeting your own.

As a result, you’re constantly fighting burnout and struggling to show up as the mom, partner, and human you long to be.

Is This You?

How many of these statements do you identify with?

  • "I chronically put my own needs on the back burner."
  • "I struggle with resentment."
  • "I miss having energy and enthusiasm for life."
  • "I sometimes feel selfish when I take time for myself."
  • "I don't have the confidence I used to have."

Why "Self-Care" Isn't Cutting It

Somehow, "fixing it" hasn't been as easy as it seems like it should be. You’ve tried the salt baths and the ladies’ nights out. If those had worked, you wouldn’t still be feeling burned-out, borderline-resentful, and just generally uninspired.

After a decade of writing online and teaching hundreds of women through online courses, this is what I’ve seen:

When women ignore their own wants and needs for years at a time, it becomes incredibly hard to even sense them anymore.

And throwing some random self-care onto your calendar isn’t going to solve much.

This is where I step in—an outside perspective to help you see your mind and heart more clearly. A kind, compassionate guide to help you finally get back what you've lost. (You!)

Jean Archary - Money Messages

It has been almost 10 years since I began my fitness journey with Mululu X.

Mululu X has been a mentor, coach and accountability partner.

He has encouraged me, checked on me and reminded me of my value and power whether I was a member of his gym or not.

Mululu X has guided me in conversation which has helped me to be a better mom, friend, woman and entrepreneur.

Sometimes the stories we tell ourselves, our words and the language we use can affect and delay our progress…and if it were not for Mululu X, I know I would have been far behind on my journey to success.

Thank you always Mululu X for a being a friend, advisor and coach!


Taskeen Patel

Thinking that we can do it alone is a difficult task when we fail. Failure allows us to learn and grow. This is what Mululu X has done for me.

One of the most important lessons Mululu X has taught me is that "SUCCESS LOVES INCONVIENIENCE." 

His teaching methods are simple, yet very effective. He lives what he teaches and this makes it easy to allow him to take up space in my head rent free.

Do what you can, with what you have, where ever you are.

Mululu X helped me find clarity on something I’d been sitting on for a long time!

He helped me uncover what I was really thinking and feeling so I could finally move forward with peace.

You are appreciated MULULU X!!!

Muna Abdullah Ali

I had such a great experience working with Mululu X!

Each session felt like talking to a friend, but instead of just venting, we teamed up and dug into my life in the most constructive way.

He taught me how to feel better without needing everything around me to change—this is gold!

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What You'll Learn & Who You'll Become

The beautiful thing about coaching is that we can tailor your program exactly to your needs. You won’t have to waste a single second reading a dry module or watching a video that doesn’t apply to you. Every minute of your time will go to understanding yourself, releasing past patterns, and learning new ones.

My past Renewed You clients especially benefited from the following topics:

  • - How to Double Your Physical Energy
  • - How to Build Virtues Than Habits.
  • - How to Set Boundaries Between Work/ Life Balance
  • - How to Maximise Your Earning Potential By Optimising Your Fitness.
  • - How to Develop Confidence in Your Unique Brand of Personhood.

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Get started today before this once in a lifetime opportunity expires.